Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good news, bad news

Last week, while cleaning my 13 year old 9mm PT-92, I thought I found a crack in the lower frame. I called Taurus USA customer support and they said, "send it in. If it does have a crack we'll replace the pistol." At first I'm thinking YEAH!! I send in a 13 year old gun and get a new one in place of it.

Then I started thinking, I've had this for 13 years. I've used it for work and fun and it's now one of my CCW pieces. And, you can't get the wood grip panels with the gold Taurus medallion in it any more. The replacement would likely have either rubber, or rosewood grips, with no medallion. Damn, and these would not work on a current PT-92, as the safety has changed since then. DRAT.

Well, that was last week. This week, I go to a friend, who's an FFL dealer, and I was gonna have him send it in for me. He can get cheaper shipping. He also works with metal. And he looked at it and said, it's not cracked. It's a machine marking. He has better optics for this sort of thing, so he showed me. And sure enough, it's not a crack!

So, bad news is, I don't get a new gun. Good news is, I get to keep my 13 year old PT-92, special NON-Replaceable wood grip panels and all. :D

Some might ask, why all the concern. This pistol has saved my life 3 different times, just by my having it with me. It has never fired a shot in anger. All it had to do was show it's "teeth," and the bad guys gave up, ran away, or suddenly remembered a prior engagement. :D

This is the pistol in question.

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