Monday, October 23, 2006

The 'Gunguys' are at it again.

They apparently forget the old saying (one that most liberals are happy to quote when they're behind in the polls) There are lies, damn lies,statistics, and polls.

Funny, I never got a call from any pollster asking me, my opinion.

Poll: Majority of Americans Want Stronger Gun Laws

Finally today, Gallup has released a new poll that says, in plain numbers, just how extreme the NRA is. All across the country, a strong majority of Americans favors stricter gun laws.

Many adults in the United States would like to enact tougher regulations for firearms, according to a two recent public opinion polls. In a survey by TNS released by the Washington Post and ABC News, 61 per cent of respondents favour stricter gun control laws in their country.

In a study by Gallup released by USA Today, 56 per cent of respondents feel that the laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict, down one point in a year.

The U.S. Constitution's second amendment guarantees Americans the right “to keep and bear arms.” Some American states have enacted their own gun control regulations, independent of existing federal legislation.

The Second Amendment doesn’t “guarantee” anything– gun guys often forget that the Amendment also contains the phrase “well-regulated.” We need stronger gun laws in this country, because without them, we face an epidemic of gun violence– in our schools, on our streets, anywhere our citizens try to live safely. Most Americans, it’s clear, understand that. The NRA, a clear minority, can’t seem to get it through their heads.

And 'Gunguys' can't seem to get it through their skulls that the NRA is not the only Pro-2nd Amendment group out there, not to mention, they forgot what the US Attorney General's Office has already stated:

For the foregoing reasons, we conclude that the Second Amendment secures an individual right to keep and to bear arms. Current case law leaves open and unsettled the question of whose right is secured by the Amendment. Although we do not address the scope of the right, our examination of the original meaning of the Amendment provides extensive reasons to conclude that the Second Amendment secures an individual right, and no persuasive basis for either the collective-right or quasi-collective-right views. The text of the Amendment's operative clause, setting out a "right of the people to keep and bear Arms," is clear and is reinforced by the Constitution's structure. The Amendment's prefatory clause, properly understood, is fully consistent with this interpretation. The broader history of the Anglo-American right of individuals to have and use arms, from England's Revolution of 1688-1689 to the ratification of the Second Amendment a hundred years later, leads to the same conclusion. Finally, the first hundred years of interpretations of the Amendment, and especially the commentaries and case law in the pre-Civil War period closest to the Amendment's ratification, confirm what the text and history of the Second Amendment require.

Hey Gunguys, get a hint. Get it right, for a change.

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