Friday, June 25, 2010

Support Glen Beck, and you support the truth!

There is a new hate-monger from the left on the internet. His name is Angelo Carusone, and with his website, he is trying to pressure advertisers to drop their advertising from Glen Beck's radio and TV shows. He does this with out right lies, innuendo, and taking Glen's comments completely out of context. (Just what you'd expect from a liberal left wing weenie.)

If you are a supporter of free speech, even if you don't always agree with Mr. Beck, (I don't always agree with him.) I would urge you to go to Mr. Carusone's site, and look for the list of remaining sponsors, contact them and let them know you still watch and/or listen to Glen Beck, and if they continue to advertise on his show, you will buy their products. If not, you'll boycott them for dropping his show.

You can also go to the list of dropped sponsors so you can see who to contact and let them know you won't be buying their products and services.

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Anonymous said...

Now i do think iam going to like this page. It scares me when the military runs plans for gun sweeps. Iam just looking into thesem and the more i find the more horrified i am. When i here them going door-to-door in dallas and new york, asking to inspect your weapons to see if they are legal. But i do agree with beck on alot of issues. I do carry a gun. I never would hurt anyone unless they are trying to hurt me or mine. Somehows i dont believe this country will ever recover from this welfare state we are in. No one wants to work. Anyways iam rambling, but they want all our guns. The only ones with the guns will be the criminals. May we make it throught this troubled time, but man doesent have a good track history to fall back on.

NatureJockk said...

we like GB.

The beacon of truth in a fog of bullshit by Liberals

Anonymous said...

Yea i really like the beck man. However i thought alittle strange about what he said back about the fema camps. When he said on fox & friends that somthing just didnt set right with him (about the camps) then he totally change his tune that after noon on his 5pm show. Its a dam shame about his eyes. But you know iam not into all the stuff the 9/11 turths or. But some of the stuff in police state 4 to me it raised some questions for me. But all the exective orders i mean they are so vague you cant say what it means

Anonymous said...

Whats your thoughts on the new ruger .380 lcp. I just tryed mine out seems to shoot very smooth very small. When i bought it, i was deciding between the taurus, and the ruger. But the price on the ruger was more tastful for me at this time. The one thing i will say is the trigger pull i didnt like, at the get go. But i have come around

has anyone noticed the raise in the number of oil spills. I seen another well hit by a barge, and one in the north. Said they are doing all they can to stop it from reaching lake mich. This all seems to stink.

Big Gay Al said...

I like Ruger and Taurus, but I really don't like DAO pistols. DA/SA or SA only, are fine. But that's just me. :)

Anonymous said...

well, the way we travel i need a small pistol where i can take it everywhere. yet have stopping power if so i need.
Just read a another story about the push to disarm us. Where i live we have the best laws by far than most. But i still believe that they will do all they can to stop the 2nd admin. We went out yesterday, and i just don't know if america will get through all this. I mean how many people out there have common sence anymore!

Big Gay Al said...

I understand that need. For me, it was filled by a 2" barreled .357 magnum snub nose revolver, loaded with .38 Special +P ammo. I love 7 shot revolvers. :)

Anonymous said...

lol dick morris. haha i rented his book i could hardly understand it. iam not the sharpest but still wow

big words mean biznes