Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NAGR is NOT Pro-2nd Amendment!!

National Association for Gun Rights is
NOT a Pro-2nd Amendment Organization.
I say this based on several discoveries.  First, they have apparently made their money by attacking every other major pro-gun group.  Like SAF, NRA and others.  Most recently, Alan Gotlieb of SAF has been their victim.  Unfortunately for NAGR, SAF is not taking it sitting down.  From SAF's response to the latest attack.
In his latest effort to raise money for his own self-aggrandizement, Dudley Brown has launched a vicious canard against Alan Gottlieb, accusing the veteran gun rights advocate of “Leading the fight for national gun registration.” 
Alan Gottlieb has never advocated for gun registration in his life. His legislative efforts have been to prevent that, and Dudley knows it.
Sean Tonner, deputy chief of staff for former Republican Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, was quoted by The Denver Magazine, asserting, “All Dudley wanted to do was create controversy. He makes his money when there’s turmoil, real or perceived, because that’s what gets his members to write him checks.”
And this is just their latest attack on a major pro gun organization.  It makes me wonder, perhaps Mr. Brown is a sheep in wolves clothing.  Someone from the left, trying to look like he's from the right, in an effort to sow discord amongst gun owners and those that actually fight for our right to keep and bear arms.

You have to actually ask the questions that SAF is asking, "Where was Dudley?"  Seriously, look at the following again from SAF's response to his attack on Mr. Gottlieb.

The Second Amendment Foundation has championed gun rights legal actions and won in federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. Remember, it was SAF that took McDonald v. City of Chicago to the Supreme Court and won. Where was Dudley?
SAF and CCRKBA have conducted the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference for more than 25 years, bringing together major gun rights leaders with grassroots activists to unify and expand the gun rights movement. Where was Dudley? 
When SAF and the National Rifle Association joined forces to stop the unconstitutional gun grab in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, where was Dudley? 
When SAF and NRA joined forces to defeat the San Francisco gun ban, where was Dudley? 
When SAF, NRA and CCRKBA joined forces to defeat the City of Seattle’s parks gun ban – thus strengthening state preemption in Washington state and providing a lesson for anyone who might challenge other states’ preemption laws, where was Dudley? 
When the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR) was created, Alan Gottlieb was there to help bring together an organization that now has member groups from every continent and several nations. Where was Dudley? 
When multi-national gun rights organizations gather in Europe to resist global gun control efforts, Alan Gottlieb is there, but where is Dudley?
Even before this, there is a message thread on Gunbroker dot com's forum about his activities. And that is 4 years old.  Whatever you do, don't send your money to this guy.  He doesn't make a living protecting your 2nd amendment rights.  He does it by attacking other pro 2nd amendment organizations.  Don't let him get away with his smear tactics.

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