Friday, January 05, 2007

70 Million More Guns…38% Less Violent Crime

Data released by the FBI on Monday showed that in 2005, the nation’s total violent crime rate was 38% lower than in 1991, when violent crime hit an all-time high. Rates of the individual categories of violent crime were also much lower in 2005 than in 1991. Murder was 43% lower, rape 25% lower, robbery 48% lower, and aggravated assault 33% lower. The FBI’s report came on the heels of a Bureau of Justice Statistics crime survey that found that violent crime was lower in 2005 than anytime in the survey’s 32-year history.

Defying the anti-gunners’ claim that more guns means more crime, from 1991-2005 the number of privately owned guns increased by more than 70 million....(To read the rest, click on the title of this article, it will take you to the NRA's full article on this very important info)

Yup, that's right, 70,000,000 more guns equals 38% less crime. Sounds incredible doesn't it? I mean, the anti-Freedom crowd is always telling us "there are too many guns on the street." Problem is, they REFUSE to distinguish between legally owned guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, and guns in the hands of criminals.

Oh, and guess where the highest murder rate is? Yup, the murder capitol of the USA, is the Capitol of the USA, Washington, D.C. A city with some of, if not the toughest anti-gun laws in our country, and yet, murder and mayhem continue unabated in this city.

Don't you think it's time something that has proven to be effective, should be tried in our nation's capitol, to stem the tide of crime? Yes, I referring to Right To Carry. I think it's past time when the handgun ban should be lifted, and concealed pistol licenses should be given out as in any other shall issue state. They've tried outlawing guns, and it doesn't work. The statistics PROVE that, beyond a shadow of a doubt. How about we go with something proven by FBI statistics to work, legal, concealed carry.

It's an idea who's time has come, and is still waiting to be implemented.

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