Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gun Facts, Part Six

Myth: Every firearm leaves a unique "fingerprint" that
can pinpoint the firearm used

Fact: "Firearms that generate markings on cartridge casings can change with use and can also be readily altered by the users. They are not permanently defined like fingerprints or DNA."23

Fact: "Automated computer matching systems do not provide conclusive results.”24

Fact: “Because bullets are severely damaged on impact, they can only be examined manually”.25

Fact: “Not all firearms generate markings on cartridge casings that can be identified back to the firearm.”26

Fact: The same gun will produce different markings on bullets and casings, and different guns can produce similar markings.27

Fact: The rifle used in the Martin Luther King assassination was test fired 18 times under court supervision, and the results showed that no two bullets were marked alike.28 “Every test bullet was different because it was going over plating created by the previous bullet.”

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