Sunday, February 20, 2011

Open Carry in Lansing, MI (Part 2)

CADL Granted Restraining Order Against Michigan Open Carry

The Capital Area District Library makes a move to help keep guns out of their building. On Wednesday they were granted a temporary retraining order by the INgham County Circuit Court against members of Michigan Open Carry or anyone affiliated with them......

...One of the attorneys for CADL, Gary Bender, said that CADL's goal is to maintain a safe, gun free zone for children and adults who frequent the library....
The last part I quoted above, shows a major flaw in their thinking. There is no such thing as a SAFE gun free zone. Gun free zones, by their very definition, are not safe. The only people who don't bring guns to a Gun Free Zone (also known more accurately as a Criminal Empowerment Zone) are law abiding citizens.

The sad thing is, the liberal weenies in charge of the CAD Library system, will never get it. They'll just keep pushing for "feel good" laws that will only make the library less safe, and they'll feel like they did a great service for the city, the state, and who ever else agrees with them.

In any event, until they remove their stupid "No Weapons" rule, I will not be using their library. I won't feel safe there, if I can't take my pistol with me.

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