Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First guns, now swords, what's next, rocks?

First the Brits have virtually banned guns. Now they're going to ban swords and knives. What's next, rocks, or baseball...sorry, Cricket bats? WHEN are they going to get it through to their thick English skulls, that it's not the TOOLS they should go after. It's the people who wield the tools in a criminal manner! They just don't get it. Much as I like Great Britain, right now, you couldn't PAY me to go there. I'd be too afraid I'd be arrested and thrown into jail if I defended myself from some ruffian who might try to mug me.

Swords ban to beat violent crime
A crackdown on the sale of swords has been launched as part of a campaign to tackle knife crime and violence.

Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson announced laws to ban swords unless sold for legitimate reasons.

Shops selling swords will need a licence, as will businesses dealing with non-domestic knives and other bladed weapons such as machetes.

The measures are the latest steps from the Scottish Executive to curb the problem of knife crime.

They come weeks after a nationwide knife amnesty.

A total of 12,645 blades - including lock knives, machetes, swords, meat cleavers, bayonets and axes - were handed in during the five-week amnesty.

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