Tuesday, August 22, 2006

If you ask me, this guy got what he was looking for.

In the story below, you'll read two sides. The father of the intruder's side of the story, and the would be victim's side. With the little foot note by the police, of "...Wesley had a past criminal record." In my humble opinion, Vincent Wesley got what he deserved. If he didn't know better than to menacingly approach an armed woman, than I would guess he wanted to die. If he had only went to her house once, then I'd say there's room for doubt. But he went to her house twice in one night.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the woman. She's the one who took a human life. I'm sure she's suffering for it too. I just hope she doesn't have to defend herself against that criminal's friends and family.

Homeowner Fatally Shoots Would Be Intruder
Last Update: 8/14/2006
(PENSACOLA, Fla.) August 14 -- A grieving father - Ronnie Wesley: "I don't like it.. the way they did my son. Acting like he tried to steal something. I don't like it."

A scared woman - Pam Hagan: "Very upset. My sister is not able to come out of the house. She's traumatized by Saturday night's shooting."

Hagan's sister, a woman in her 50's, fatally shot 29 year old Vincent Wesley, after Escambia County Sheriff's deputies say Wesley tried to enter her Pensacola home twice that night.

According to reports, Wesley climbed the woman's fence, approached the house, and began shaking her door. When she showed him a gun, he ran off, but he wasn't done. According to deputies, Wesley then ran out to the street, tried to carjack someone, and came back to the woman's home when the carjacking was unsuccessful.

Hagan: "At that time, my sister is trying to close the door. When she came out to close the door, her house door closed and locked behind her and there she was, face to face, with a man coming at her. He never said a word to her. She fired once. It didn't stop him. She fired a second time and he went down."

The state of Florida has a law that states, a homeowner does not have to retreat back to their home, that they do have the right to protect their home and property.

Sgt. Mike Ward with the Escambia Co. Sheriff's Dept.: "If someone is trying to enter you residence or trying to harm you and put you in fear in anyway, you can defend yourself to include deadly force and it appears in this case, that's exactly what happened."

But, Wesley's father says his son was never trying to enter the house. He says his boy was dealing with mental problems. Wesley: "He was hearing voices and stuff. He was running from the voices when that lady shot him. He wasn't trying to break in and enter. He had a job."

Meanwhile, as both sides deal with the grief and the loss, Hagan says she and her sister are dealing with harrassment from Wesley's friends and neighbors.

The Escambia County Sheriff's office says Wesley had a past criminal record.

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