Thursday, August 31, 2006, Straight shooters? Puhleese, If they're straight, I must be French! (And I'm not!)

On May 26, 2006, published a little blurb about Angel Shamaya's (founder of ) legal problems in Michigan. Angel was arrested on March 3/4, 2006 on charges of not having his handguns "safety inspected." (This is code for handgun registration in Michigan.) There was also a charge of menacing. Supposedly he threatened his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child.

The final outcome, he plead guilty to four misdemeanor counts of failure to present a handgun for a safety inspection. The potentially serious charge of menacing was not pursued by the County Prosecutor, reportedly due to lack of evidence. (How many people in strained domestic situations do you know were falsely accused? I know more than a few!)

Once everything was said and done with, Angel found himself facing some stiff legal bills. Now, the Montana Shooting Sports Assoc. started a legal defense fund for him. But he still needed more money, so he decided the best thing to do was sell some of his guns (which the court judge had ordered returned to him.). At this point, I do not know if he sold all of his guns or not, but there are no more for sale at this time. I truly hope that he was able to pay all of his bills.

Now, back to the not so straight shooters, They reported that "Angel Shamaya Sells His Guns for the Sake of His Son." Which is quite obviously far from the truth. It's close, but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. This is neither. What Angel DID decide to do for the sake of his son, was to stay in Michigan. He had been thinking of moving out of the state (and who can blame him.). And I believe that Montana was one of the many places that was hoping he'd move there. But Angel want's to stay as close as he can to his son. Makes sense to me.

But, back to gunguys. Besides this little faux pas, they report on their site about two NYC gun dealers who were raided and had guns confiscated, yet they ignore when the charges are dropped and these dealers get their guns back a day or two later. I thought these guys were straight shooters? If they were, they'd cover the whole story, not just the sensational part. Oh, that's right, I forgot. They're on the same side as the gun grabbing politcos, Mr. Bloomberg, Ms. Feinstein, (Frankly, Frankenstein's monster looks better), and the Brady Bunch. Putting their spin on these stories is SOP.

Sorry, my mistake.

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