Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dreams dashed on the beach

So much for going home. It went from 3 vans to 1, and only the driver (not me) is going back. It seems they need me back at New Orleans. Never mind I only got 3 hours sleep today, after working all night, last night, driving half way to Baton Rouge, only to turn back, then go back to Baton Rouge. What a terrible pain in the butt. It wouldn't be so bad, but on top of everything else, I had to wait over an hour in Baton Rouge for them to bring someone else back from a job site so I could take him back to New Orleans too.

Then, I get to go out to a site by NO International Airport. Half dead, from lack of sleep, with my feet killing me. I have to ask myself, is this really worth $1200.00 a week?....well, maybe it is. ;)

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