Wednesday, November 09, 2005

FEMA F**kers??

Ok, so I'm on roving patrol, "Forrest" is on the exit gate, and Jason is on the entrance gate. I'm over at the entrance talking to Jason when this taxi manages to get past Forrest, (there was a truck exiting at the same time between Forrest and the taxi) and makes a quick dash over by where some of the Shaw guys are inspecting a trailer.

I go over to find out what's going on, and this guy is complaining to Shaw. It turns out, he got his FEMA trailer repossessed by FEMA. It seems he told a little lie when he said he had permission from the lot owner to put the trailer where it had been. Well, he didn't have permission, FEMA found out, and they took back the trailer. So, now he wants to get a "FEMA f**ker." We tried to explain to him, everyone at the site is a contractor. Unfortunately, this guy has a one track mind, and it's got some bad rails too.

Apparently he did understand the idea that if he didn't get off the property of his own free will, he'd be spending the rest of the night in the Kenner city jail.

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