Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A job, finally? Nope, relocation, again

Well, Wednesday brings a new day, and new challenges. When I first called about the add I saw in the Lansing State Journal, I was told we'd be living in tents, sleeping on cots, and so on. In fact, the term "military style living" was tossed at me. Well, I was in the Military, and our cots kept us more than 1.5 inches off the ground! Well, I guess it's better than sleeping ON the ground, but just barely.

Of course, the other comment was, I was to work as an Armed guard (bring your own gun) and I'd be paid $1200.00 a week. Also, the shifts were 12 hours on, 12 hours off, and I'd be working 7 days a week until staffing was up to the necessary levels. What I wasn't told in either the phone interview, nor the face-to-face interview, was that IF I should be so lucky to get a day off, my pay would suffer the consequences. THAT, I didn't hear until I arrived in Baton Rouge.

Oh, and since there were no "armed" positions in Baton Rouge (the reason why is still fuzzy), I'd only be paid $1100.00 a week. Ok, it's still nothing to sneeze at. Anyway, by early afternoon, I now have a job assignment that I'll be going to tonight at about 7:00PM.

3:00PM rolls around and I hear yelling outside my tent. Aside from the 3 guys who did not have a job assignment, they're calling for more volunteers to go to New Orleans. I stick my hand up and get picked. "Pack your stuff and get in the van."

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