Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sad news for the pistol shooting community

We were told last night that the venerable Col. Jeff Cooper is seriously ill, and not expected to live much longer. We pray for his recovery, or assuming that is not possible, a swift and painless death. While we know this is not the usual death of a warrior, given his long years, we think he deserves a peaceful death.

We were introduced to the writings of Col. Cooper many moons ago, through the pages of Guns & Ammo magazine. While we have not always agreed with him, we have have found his musings, opinions, and advice to be worth a hundred times his weight in gold. He is the eternal promoter and defender of the Colt M1911 as THE self-defense handgun, and the .45ACP as THE self-defense Cartridge. He is also the father of the 10mm Auto Pistol cartridge, which he deemed a worthy successor to the .45ACP. He is also the dean, (if not the father) of modern defensive pistol technique.

Our prayers and well wishes go to him and his family.

We will miss him.

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