Friday, September 15, 2006

The Truth Finally comes out

First, from the Huffingtion Post Blog, we have the story of a shooting that took place in Seattle, WA, on July 28, 2006, where the shooter supposedly had a Washington state Concealed Pistol license. Now we find out, Naveed Haq, the shooter, had waited 5 days to pick up the pistols he used in the shooting. The question, if he had a valid permit, why wait? Our understanding is, with a valid permit, he could have taken the pistols home right away.

From the ChronWatch, we find out why.

Apparently Mr. Haq had some mental problems. As well, he had a pending criminal case against him in Benton County Court. With just the diagnosed mental problem, his permit (if he had one) was effectively null and void. This is according to Washington state law.

Of course, we're not likely to see a correction in either the newspaper story, or the Huffington Post Blog. But at least now, the truth is out there.

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