Friday, September 01, 2006

UN report proclaims self-defense is not a right

The UN has proclaimed to the world, self-defense is NOT a human right! (To read a better analysis than mine, click on the title above, which is a link to David Hardy's opinion on the UN report.)

Frankly, I think it's past time for the US to get OUT of the UN. The vast majority of those in power in the UN are members of the vast left wing conspiracy group. All they do is take our money, then complain about how "bad" we Americans are. I'm sorry, but why should we have to pay to have someone complain about us, to us?

I say we tell the UN to "bugger off." Maybe they'd be happier in Sweden, France, or Belgium.


Shango said...

Don't see the link, Al.

Big Gay Al said...

The link is the title of this article. I'm not sure what happened, I had to revert to the old template for it to work. I guess Blogger still has a few kinks to work out in the beta. Any way, if you click on the title, " UN report proclaims self-defense is not a right" it should take you to here.

Sorry about that.


Shango said...

I grew up in a UN "paradise country" (Nigeria, west Africa) where it was strictly against the law to own firearms.

Which of course meant that only robbers, the armed forces and police owned them. Often, these classes of people were one and the same.

I will read that link (thanks!), but even though I haven't read it, I know I'll be raging enough and so devolve into paroxysms of anger-induced profanity. F'ing UN.

Big Gay Al said...

Having lived in the USA all my life, I can't imagine what it's like somewhere else. I wish everyone could know what it is like to live in a (mostly) free country.

I just hope the USA stays this way, and doesn't get any worse. (With luck, maybe it will get better.)