Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stupid item of the day

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

ANTI-VIOLENCE advocates will meet for prayer today on the steps of the state Capitol and later rally for stricter gun laws to stop the killing on the streets of Philadelphia and other Pennsylvania cities.

Mayor Street, community, religious and labor leaders, city residents and Philadelphia legislators planned to attend the rally in the Capitol rotunda hoping to influence lawmakers, many of them from rural areas opposed to gun control.

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What is it about liberals and left wing weenies that they have no commone sense? Do they REALLY believe that gun control laws work? Haven't they seen the statistics for Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, and DC? And now they think that a "one gun a month" law will work? Puhleeze! Wake up and smell the latte!

The "stated reason" is to cut down on straw purchases, where a bad guy uses someone who is not prohibited from buying a gun, to buy one from an FFL dealer. All the bad guy has to do is get a group of non-prohibited people to do his dirty work, rather than relying on one person.

This will actually make it more difficult to track the bad guy now, since everyone will have a limit of one gun a month, no one will have a "flag" pop up so that BATFE will know to look at them.

Makes me glad I don't live in Philly or Pennsylvania!

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