Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Denny's Restaurant and discrimination

On Oct 20, 2006, at 2:00 p.m., my wife and I went to the Denny’s restaurant at 1220 Gale Gardner Way in Prescott AZ. Upon walking thru the front door we heard 3 or 4 servers from Denny’s in the main section of the restaurant talking very loudly in Spanish. So loudly that it was irritating. So, I asked the Hostess that was to seat us, if we could be seated in the English speaking section, (I do believe the persons name was Phillis). She turned and looked at the commotion that was going on, and turned back to me and said no problem, follow me. So she seated my wife and I in a different section and gave us menus. We said thank you and she left.

At this time a nice young girl named Leah came to take our order. At this point we discovered that Phillis had given us menus that were in Spanish, so we asked Leah, our server, for English menus and two cups of coffee. She apologized and brought the coffee, and went to get our menus. At this time, a man came over and leaned over the table and said he was the Manager for Denny’s (I believe his name is Patrick).

At this point he said "Denny’s does not allow any discrimination and you must leave right now." My wife asked him what we had done, he just acted very rudely and said "you must leave right now." He then said "Denny’s does not tolerate any type of discrimination, YOU MUST LEAVE."

My wife and I were shocked, we had never been asked to leave any place before. This Manager was very intimidating and we were very embarrassed, and I called him a couple of names as he ushered us out of Denny’s.

My wife and I own a Bar and Restaurant here in Prescott and we have never been treated like this any place, nor would we treat any of our customers like this. We were harassed, talked down to and discriminated against. We also feel that Denny’s may have violated our civil rights.

This is an official complaint, and we feel that we have been wronged by the Management of Denny’s. Our embarrassment has now been replaced with anger that Denny’s would hire racist managers and hostesses, and that Denny’s would condone this type of discrimination and harassment to Americans in their establishment.

We are in need of a attorney that does harassment and discrimination law suits in AZ. This is the letter we sent to Denny's and we are tired of being pushed around. Please help by pointing us in the right direction. Thank you.

Wayne and Leah *********

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Big Gay Al said...

It seems that some people think this is a racial issue. I'm told the people who were involved with this have no problems with the race of people who were speaking Spanish. Their problem was with them speaking Spanish...LOUDLY.

But I can see how some might see it as a racial issue. I leave the rest up to each reader.

1996 Nissan Maxima said...

In 20 years or so the Spanish speaking folk will be the majority in the USA. Then whites may become overly abusive in racism claims. From the story posted this sounds like the greeter was got ticked off and went on a power trip. This wouldn't be the first time Dennis has had issues with racial overtones.

Anonymous said...

you people are so full of crap. denny's main concern is that WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. When you opened your over opinionated mouth about,"can we sit in the english speaking section" that was discrimination. would you have said the same things had it been people speaking english loudly? I dont think so. I'm glad you won't ever dine there again. we don't need assholes like you in our restaurant. phyllis is a wonderfull person and employee. power trip my ass.

Big Gay Al said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous, I don't know who you're replying to. I posted the article. Not the people who experienced the "discrimination" at Denny's. And as far as I'm concerned, you can go piss off.