Monday, January 02, 2006

Bloomberg is after ALL guns

From the New York Post, we get the following.
In what aides said was a swipe at the National
Rifle Association, Bloomberg said, "To those who
distort our laws and aid and abet hardened
criminals, know this: We will not rest until we
secure all the tools we need to protect New
Yorkers from the scourge of illegal guns."

Now, Mayor Bloomberg says he's after "illegal guns." If that's the case, then why do his aides say the above was a swipe at the NRA? The NRA doesn't support the proliferation of "illegal guns." The NRA certainly doesn't distort our laws. Not like the Brady bunch tries to distort our Constitution anyway. The NRA seeks laws that punish the lawless. Bloomberg seeks laws that punish the law-abiding gun-owners of NYC, NY state, and if he can do it, the entire nation. Someone, please send this guy a message that what he seeks is NOT what the rest of the nation wants.

Keep his anti-constitutional NYC laws in NYC. If the rest of us wanted them, we'd all live in NYC.