Thursday, May 26, 2011

A small setback for Open Carry and Freedom in Michigan

For those of you who were not aware, there was a case in Ingham County Circuit court, Michigan Open Carry, Inc. (MOC), vs. Capitol Area District Library (CADL). MOC's contention was that CADL did not have the authority to ban open carry of firearms in it's libraries, as CADL was created by various local units of government, and answered to the same.

CADL's position is that they are an "authority" and are not mentioned specifically in Michigan's Preemption law, which forbids local governmental bodies from creating firearm laws stronger than the state. And if that didn't work, CADL also claimed they fit into the list of Pistol Free Zones, as they are sometimes used by schools, and they claim they lease their property from a school district. For reasons unknown currently, they dropped that claim in court.

CADL also proposed that openly carrying a firearm in a holster was "brandishing," under Michigan law.

Judge Rosemarie Acquilina, apparently went with her feelings, and not the law. She had made her pre-disposition to this case known earlier, when she granted a temporary injunction against openly carried firearms several months ago. This injunction is now permanent, at least until the appeals process is exhausted.

The judge did not rule that OCing of a firearm was brandishing, so I guess CADL lost that count.

As I understand it, OCing in a CADL library is out now. Concealed carrying is still OK... so far. I guess we'll see how long that lasts.

Judge Acquilina, it's long past time for you to step down. When you let your feelings get in the way of the law, you are no longer a fair and impartial judge. Do the state of Michigan a favor, and step down NOW!

There will be more to come on this subject.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Equality Matters twisting the truth to fit their agenda

Below is the start of their trumped up story on the NRA. If you want to read the whole thing, click on the name of this article, which will take you to their site.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) dropped the law firm King & Spalding shortly after the firm announced their decision to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on behalf of the U.S. House of Representatives. King & Spalding had previously represented the NRA on important cases, including the Supreme Court decision McDonald v. Chicago.

King & Spalding announced late last month that they would not defend DOMA after pressure from groups suggesting the firm's work on DOMA would be in violation of their own non-discrimination policies.

Now you might ask, if not because of their dropping DOMA, then why? Well, actually, it is because they dropped defending DOMA, but not for the reason you think. It's because they caved under pressure, to drop a client.

So who's to say they wouldn't cave in again, and drop the NRA? The leadership at the NRA doesn't want a law firm that will drop clients at least little pressure. They need legal representation that will stick with it for the long haul. And apparently King & Spalding is not that firm.

The NRA, as an organization is NOT Anti-GLBT. While there may be some individuals within the NRA that are, the organization is not. When the Cease Fear/Pink Pistols Seattle chapter was first starting up, the NRA, SAF and other pro-2A groups gave full support, including financial to that chapter.

The thing to keep in mind with "Equality Matters" is they are part and parcel of Media Matters. A far left wing media watch dog. People who make it their business to stretch the truth to fit THEIR perspective. In other words, it's a lie.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yet another reason to NOT visit Philadelphia.

Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun

A story in today's Philadelphia Daily News shows why it's so important that citizens be allowed to videotape cops - it can be citizens' only way to fight back against police abuse of power.

This incident happened several weeks ago in Philadelphia to Mark Fiorino, a 25-year-old IT worker who carries a gun on his hip at all times for self defense. He got the gun after several friends were mugged.

But he didn't count on attacks by police:

On a mild February afternoon, Fiorino, 25, decided to walk to an AutoZone on Frankford Avenue in Northeast Philly with the .40-caliber Glock he legally owns holstered in plain view on his left hip. His stroll ended when someone called out from behind: "Yo, Junior, what are you doing?"

Fiorino wheeled and saw Sgt. Michael Dougherty aiming a handgun at him.

What happened next would be hard to believe, except that Fiorino audio-recorded all of it: a tense, profanity-laced, 40-minute encounter with cops who told him that what he was doing - openly carrying a gun on the city's streets - was against the law.
"Do you know you can't openly carry here in Philadelphia?" Dougherty asked, according to the YouTube clip.

"Yes, you can, if you have a license to carry firearms," Fiorino said. "It's Directive 137. It's your own internal directive."

Fiorino was right. It was perfectly legal to carry the gun. But that didn't matter to the cop:

Read more:

To read the "first" reason to not visit Philly, click here.

To think, that at one time, the seat of our national gov't sat in Philadelphia, it makes the blood boil to see our freedoms treated with such disdain by city government employees. I do hope that Mr. Fiorino gets a lawyer and sues the city and the police for millions.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Life and Death of Osama Bin Laden

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Life and Death of Osama Bin Laden

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