Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some observations on Canadian Gun Law

The following came from one of the many email lists I subscribe to. It struck me as something that needed further exposure, so I copied it here with just a few minor changes, mostly for spelling and/or grammar, where I thought necessary. (Comments by the original poster are in red.) The original started out with:

From a friend in Canada:

Heaven save us from this!

Here in Canada our government does not have a monopoly on justified self-defense, but they sincerely believe they should have a monopoly on all effective tools of self-defense!

While we ostensibly have here the legal mechanism for the carrying of a pistol to be allowed, only fourteen such 'carry permits' have ever been actually issued in the entire country, with a population of over thirty million! Virtually all such applications are arbitrarily rejected by isolated bureaucrats, with never an explanation.

There are some permits issued for 'wilderness carry,' but only to licensed guides, and, even then, they have to endure their own bureaucratic circus.

For us peons, one not only needs a license to possess a 'restricted firearm,' a category which includes all pistols and many rifles (all ARs, for example), the applicant must, in excruciating detail, chronicle to the government such irrelevant facts as his personal romantic history and also go through an interminable approval process prior to taking delivery of the gun.

Still with me? We're not through yet!

He must also be a member, in good standing, at a 'club,' and be vetted for an 'authorization to transport,' which allows him to take his pistol between his house and the range 'via a direct route,' unloaded, and secured in a double-locked box.

The most minor, insignificant infraction or paperwork glitch, your fault, their fault, doesn't matter, and you will find yourself charged with a criminal offense. Your home will be invaded, all your firearms will be seized, and the crown attorney will enforce a lifetime firearms prohibition against you, even when you are found not guilty!

After all that, getting your guns back from the police is nearly impossible, even with a court order. When you do finally re-claim them, they will be little more than a pile of rusted junk!

Even carrying a knife can make one vulnerable to charges of 'weapons dangerous to the public peace' or 'carrying a concealed weapon.'

OC is prohibited, at least for the purpose of use against humans. It may be carried for use against animals. Here, it is always called 'dog repellent,' by law.

Tasers and other ERDs are strictly verboten.

Our gun laws are, in fact, based on fat politicians, sitting safe and secure behind an army of personal bodyguards (all heavily armed), intently watching cheesy Hollywood movies! In fact, many firearms are prohibited by 'order in council,' and, when you read the list, it is painfully obvious that such prohibitions are based solely on appearance. That is why we can't have AKs, FALs, ARs, and AUGs, but XCRs and Tavors are okay, at least for now, since they've come on the scene relatively recently."

Comment: The foregoing are the kind of "reasonable" measures liberal politicians constantly push for. They never get specific, of course. Autocrats never do! But, this is the practical result of their never-ending assault on our personal freedom. When they can't prohibit the private ownership of guns outright, they'll, in effect, have the same practical result through bureaucratic regulation.

They love to hypocritically talk about our "right to personal, unilateral, self-defense," but then deny us any possibility of exercising that right!

They live to lord it over people. That is the only thing that really motivates them, and ever has!

However, there is some good news:

We are turning things around up here!

The draconian, failed-at-every-level, 'system' we currently have in place was put there by governments of the 80s and 90s, consisting mostly of elitist, geriatric, flower-children who, like Socialists/Communists everywhere, never earned an honest dime in their lives!

Back then, gun owners did not have a strong voice. The by-word in Ottawa was 'social engineering,' as they attempted to smother the life out of us us with interminable laws and 'regulations,' enforced by an army of erstwhile unemployed bureaucrats who worried infinitely more about keeping their jobs than they ever did about doing them.

Things have changed! Debate about the private ownership of firearms has become the most polarizing issue in our current political landscape. Our side is now politically active, alert, and has excellent communication. We are now a powerful symbol for the new direction in which our country is heading.

Virtually all current Leftists in government are still overtly in favor of yet additional restrictions on private gun ownership, in spite of its amply demonstrated failure to reduce violent crime, or, for that matter, even to be administered intelligently.

Last Friday (25 March, 2011), these very Leftists were toppled in a non-confidence motion, which automatically triggered an election. This spring, we are likely to see a Conservative majority government that has promised to turn Canada away from the Liberal/Socialist/Communist trend that began in the 1970s.

We have promised to hold their feet to the fire!

Comment: The biggest problem Leftists have, no matter where they are, is personal vanity and arrogance! They invariably think they deserve to be kings, and that we peons exist only to serve them.They just can't admit to themselves that they're wrong, have always been wrong, and have never been anything but wrong.

They will accept no species of correction. The are absolutely incapable of repentance. They would rather die!
I would just like to add, at one time, I considered moving to Canada. It is a beautiful country, and I have a great affection for many things, Canadian. But, after researching their gun laws, it occurred to me that I could not live the same life there, that I have here. So for now, for me, Canada is a great place to visit, but I just cannot live there, knowing my God-given/Natural right to self defense is severely denied there.


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