Friday, October 28, 2011

When will it end?

I know this blog is mostly about guns, but sometimes, it has to be more.

The latest "alert" on American Family Association's OneNewsNow website is about Gays in the military seeking EQUAL recognition for marriage rights. First, Gays and Lesbians weren't "good enough" (make that moral enough) to fight for our country. Now, those that fight for our country, aren't entitled to the same rights as the straight community is. When will this blatant new form of "racism" end? Yes, I said racism. while not strictly a separate race, the LGBT community is being treated pretty much like African-Americans were 50+ years ago. Actually, in many ways, worse.

A little over half a century ago, in some areas, it was illegal for Blacks and Whites to marry one another. Until President Truman changed it, Blacks in the military were mostly segregated with a few exceptions. (Most cooks on navy ships were Black.) Quite honestly, I'm surprised someone isn't calling for segregated units now, putting all Gays and Lesbians in their own units. I guess maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas.

I get it that for the most part, when most of the highly prejudiced straights out there think of Gays and Lesbians, and other, non-traditional (in a sexually oriented way) people, they think of the flamboyant types you see most often in the Gay pride parades. However, I would say that for the most part, those are the minority in the LGBT community. Most live a quiet life, unobtrusive, and for the most part, unnoticed. And, along with the flamboyant ones, STILL denied some of their basic human rights.

Complain about it all you want, I don't care. The LGBT community has just as much right as the rest of you to be married, and live in total abject misery for the rest of their lives, if that's what they really want. The idea that allowing same sex marriage will cause the downfall of this country or civilization is total and complete, utter BULLSHIT!

And before any of you reply, bringing up those pedophiles in NAMBLA, please don't bother. Those deviants should all be taken out and shot, several times.

The above is simply my opinion. If you don't like it, tough titty said the kitty but, we all gotta suck it.

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