Friday, June 25, 2010

Support Glen Beck, and you support the truth!

There is a new hate-monger from the left on the internet. His name is Angelo Carusone, and with his website, he is trying to pressure advertisers to drop their advertising from Glen Beck's radio and TV shows. He does this with out right lies, innuendo, and taking Glen's comments completely out of context. (Just what you'd expect from a liberal left wing weenie.)

If you are a supporter of free speech, even if you don't always agree with Mr. Beck, (I don't always agree with him.) I would urge you to go to Mr. Carusone's site, and look for the list of remaining sponsors, contact them and let them know you still watch and/or listen to Glen Beck, and if they continue to advertise on his show, you will buy their products. If not, you'll boycott them for dropping his show.

You can also go to the list of dropped sponsors so you can see who to contact and let them know you won't be buying their products and services.

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