Saturday, December 31, 2005

MTV on guns?

Thursday night, MTV ran a program called "True Life." The episode for Thursday night was called, "I'm a gun owner." They interviewed 4 people. A gang banger who packs a weapon illegally, a hunter, a victim of crime who now has a permit to carry concealed, and a former gang member who's disabled, and no longer packs a gun, and in fact preaches against guns.

What I don't get is how do they pretend to represent "true life" when you use FOUR subjects, two of whom are or were convicted felons to represent gun owners in America?

When someone mentions "gun owners" to me, I think of the typical law-abiding citizen. In my opinion, anyone who uses a firearm for illegal purposes, such as rape, robbery or homicide, is not a "gun owner." They are a criminal!

Now, I do make an exception for those citizens who live in states with draconian gun laws, who feel a need to protect themselves, but otherwise go about legitimate business. If you live in a place like NYC for instance, it's darn near impossible to get a permit for protection. Unless you're like the Mayor's cousin or something.

But if you're like the scumbag gang-banger, in my opinion, you're not a gun-owner. You're a criminal and should be locked up. Preferably in Siberia.

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Yaknail said...

In my opinion MTV really stinks.