Friday, July 25, 2008

Open Carry at the Boise ID Zoo.

Recently, a local group visited the Boise Idaho Zoo, all while Open carrying firearms. It seems to be an issue that is divided in many different areas. Not only are there people who are just plain against guns, making noise, but there are also some, who while in favor of gun ownership, and in favor of concealed carry, but are dead set against open carry.

It just seems odd to me, that a so-called "pro-2nd Amendment type" would be against someone exercising their constitutionally protected rights. I am always amazed at the attitude, and the "excuses" they bring up.

1. You'll be the bad guy's first target, because he'll see your gun.

The reality is, if you're out and about in public, and open carrying your pistol, most likely, if a bad guy is about to commit a crime, and sees your gun, he's more likely to seek out a safer target than risk you shooting him.

2. You're giving away the tactical advantage of surprise.

Maybe, then again, you've got the advantage of a faster draw available to you. The plain truth is, by openly carrying your pistol, you've got more deterrent effect than carrying concealed. And I always the thought the idea of carrying a gun for self defense was in the hope you'd never need to use it. It seems to me, that with OC, you're cutting down on the possibility of ever needing to actually use it for self defense.

3. The police will hound you.

Depends on where you live, but this actually has a little bit of truth. Some police departments, in states where OC (Open Carry) is legal, need more education on this subject. Or else they need better Chiefs.

I happen to have a Concealed Pistols License. Which oddly enough, will let me OPEN carry in places I can't carry concealed due to the stupid way the law was written. By law, and thanks to State Attorney General's Opinion 7113, I can openly carry in a school, hospital, bar, a sports arena or stadium, a day care center, and a host of other places that are off limits to open carry without a CPL, and are off limits to concealed carry WITH a CPL.

Doesn't make must sense, does it.

Well, that's state lawmakers for you.

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Mike Stollenwerk said...

There are many gun owners who have not waken up to the fact that the strategy of keeping gun ownership and gun carry in the closet is a loser in the long run. See more at

Anonymous said...

While I'm a fan of carrying concealed, I totally agree that people need to relax about OC. I think the "sight" of a gun just brings a lot of emotion to the surface. They're ok if the gun is in your house or "hidden" on your person -- they don't see it, they don't think about it. Seeing the gun just freaks them out. I'll try open carrying more often just for fun :-)