Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Help Support Gun Facts

For years, Gunfacts has been totally free. Now, Guy Smith, the author/compiler/whatever you want to call him, is asking for help. Considering how useful Gunfacts have always been, I'd think we should have been donating years ago.

Check out the fundraiser page by clicking on the link to the left, or the title of this blog post. You'll see that you can get some pretty good perks for your donation. Do it today, ok?

And do me a favor, if you found the Gunfacts Fundraiser through this site, just add a note to Guy telling him. I don't get anything for this, we just like to know.

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carol tilson said...

Could you give us more information about Gunfacts?

Big Gay Al said...

If you want more info, check out their web site.