Thursday, April 05, 2007

IL Politician Caught in a lie. (So, what else is new?)

IL Politician Caught in a Lie


When anti-gun Illinois Senator Dan Kotowski held a press conference to promote a gun ban the other day, I’m sure he didn't expect someone who knows a thing or two about the guns being banned to be in attendance.

So when the senator pointed to an Armalite .50-caliber rifle and called it a "military weapon," he got the shock of his life. The top guy from Armalite stood up in the audience and told the crowd that's not true. He said they'd never sold the rifle to the military.

Kotowski was shocked, and started dancing his best back-and-fill routine.

Armalite is an Illinois company, and the proposed .50-caliber ban would mean they'd have to move operations out of state. But more importantly, a ban on that rifle would lead to a ban on more firearms, and Armalite's Mark Westrom knows that.

In fact, he said at the press conference, "When the .50(-caliber) is restricted, okay, so then we modify it and we convert it into a 49(-caliber). Then what happens next here to the 49s and the 45s?"

Westrom is right. Because bans don't solve problems, they only lead to more bans, and gun owners should NEVER stand for it.

Kotowski made some ludicrous claims about the rifle, including that it could shoot down an airplane flying 6,000 feet overhead. These gun-banners make idiotic statements like this all the time, but rarely is their stupidity confronted by someone so highly credentialed.

I'm glad Mark Westrom was in the audience last week ... I just wish the Illinois media saw fit to report his truth, instead of Kotowski's lies.

(From NRANews)

Personal Note: I was in the Army. I saw first hand what a .50 caliber MACHINE GUN can do. A .50 cal Machine gun can shoot down an air liner. But it takes more than just one bullet to do so. It takes a virtual hail of bullets to bring down an airplane. The best sniper in the world can not bring down an airliner with one shot from a .50 caliber rifle.

Of course, that's just my opinion.

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Jonathan said...

yeah, the attack is on with sb16. Hopefully we can kill this thing, but I doubt it. There's a lot of ignorance out there to combat.