Thursday, April 12, 2007

So Much for Free Speech...Again.

CNN just announced that CBS has permanently canceled Don Imus' radio show, effective immediately. While I do not listen to Don Imus, nor have I watched his simulcast on MSNBC (which was canceled earlier by MSNBC), I also deplore what is happening to him.

Granted, he made some comments that should not have been said. But I always thought the USA was the land of the free (speech) and home of the brave (can take some insults). Instead I find America is the home of the Politically Correct and the thin skinned. "Oh, don't call me a ho, that might hurt my feelings!" Give me a break.

To Mr. Imus I say this: You really need to think first, before you stick your foot in your mouth. Talk about stupid!

To the Rutgers women's \/\/hatever Team: You know, rappers have been calling you "nappy headed hos" for a lot longer than Mr. Imus has. Either start picking on the SOURCE of the problem, or get over it!


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