Thursday, May 03, 2007

SPLC Not the group it used to be

Sad news today. With the addition of the Young Americans for Freedom as a hate group by the SPLC, it is apparent now, if it wasn't before that they are no longer, (if they ever were) an unbiased, non-partisan group.

If nothing else, it shows they don't have a sense of humor, and they don't know sarcasm when it hits them in the face. Their "reason" for putting YAF on their list of hate groups, is a list of 13 points.

Having read this list, it's obvious to me that he's being sarcastic. Whether he actually means what he says with any of those 13 points, is quite another question. But to call for the elimination of representation to ASMSU of various minority councils, and in the same list, call for the creation of a "Caucasian student council," a "Man's council," well, if you can't see the sarcasm, get new glasses.

For your edification, here is the list of thirteen points, with some comments by the originator.

I'm dedicated to representing the conservative students of Michigan State University. If you are a leftist, communist, socialist, or moderate, please do not contact me to represent you. You are not my constituent. As your representative, my goals are to do the following:

1. Eliminate funding for all non-heterosexual organizations.

2. Eliminate representation to ASMSU for all of the following groups:
Culturas De Las Razas Unidas, Alliance of LBGT Students, Arab Cultural Society, Asian Pacific American Student Organization, North American Indigenous Student Organization, Black Council, International Student Association, and the Women¹s Council.

3. Allow a Christian organization to be represented on ASMSU.

4. Create a Caucasian Caucus and give them representation on ASMSU.

5. Put a US Flag in every classroom and lecture hall on campus.

6. Reduce the amount of taxes ASMSU gets from the students.

7. Change the MCRI decision that the ASMSU reps made last year.

8. Spend tax money to bring conservative speakers to campus.

9. Create a Man's Council.

10. Force the Planned Parenthood on Grand River Ave. to leave.

11. Hunt down illegal immigrants in the Lansing area and have them deported.

12. Start a sex offender registry and have a link to it on the MSU website.

13. Start a "Straight Club" and give them representation on ASMSU.

If I am forgetting something important, please contact me. I have a few other goals that aren't listed, because steps might possibly be taken by my opponents to stop me from implementing them. Viva Kyle Bristow!

It's also apparent, based on an interview on WJIM talk radio, that State Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer can't see sarcasm either. But what else can we expect from the former lawyer for the KKK?

As far as hunting down illegal aliens, I have no problem with that at all. If they're here illegally, then they are breaking the law, and they should pay for it.

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Chetly Zarko said...

Big Al,
Below are three posts I have about the SPLC, based on my phone interview with the SPLC. They didn't like my conclusions, so they made up a story that I left a chain of harassing voice-mails on their phones. I've challenged them to send the voice mail to the FBI and I'll provide a voice sample. SPLC has gone wild.
Southern Poverty Law Center Director Accuses this blog of Illegal behavior without evidence.

ZR Expose of SPLC Admission of "No need to Justify" Decisions on Hate Group
Open Letter to SPLC on Gratuitous and False Inclusion of Ward Connerly in Report
SPLC Responds by Email Accusing ZR of Illegal Conduct, "Unhinges"

Big Gay Al said...

Maybe I should have called my article something like "SPLC, falling apart from within."

Why they are still considered by some to hold any credibility is way beyond my reasoning. I have to wonder at just how much "hands on" control Morris Dees exercises with SPLC. I would hope, for his credibility, very little.