Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I guess only left wingers need respond

I use google to search for a lot of things. One of those things are any news stories or blog posts about concealed carry items. Well, I found a blog post on the recent Students for Concealed Carry's latest effort to get the laws changed so that those of us with CCW permits would be allowed to protect our selves on school/university property.

This "movement" took root last year after the debacle at Virginia Tech. There are many who suggest that had even one of the students who have a valid CCW permit, had been allowed to carry his or her weapon, that the killer might have been stopped much sooner.

Then again, there are those who think the death toll might have been even higher. I guess they haven't seen the stories about the school shootings that were cut short by armed students and faculty. Then again, it's not like the MSM (Main Stream Media) covers those stories with any great frequency. After all, there is little news if no one is killed.

In any event, if you click on the title of this article, it will take you to another blog, and a specific opinion, "Sheer Folly." I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. He is, after all, seeking a major in philosophy. :) In any event, rather than repeat much or, any of his musings here, I'll leave it to you, my readers (sparse though you may be) to check it out for yourselves.

As to any of his conclusions, I'll simply point you to GunFacts for the truth.

As far as replies to his original post, I'll only state that I know there's at least one other post that has not yet been approved as of the date this message was first posted. Why not? Probably because I point out that CCW permit holders are generally more law-abiding than the general public. Those who would take away our rights, don't like to be told that some of their ideas and conclusions might be wrong.

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Big Gay Al said...

Ok, so maybe it's just people with the nick name of "Big Gay Al" who shouldn't respond. ;) This is now, what might be called a "Pro-CCW" response to the original post of Sheer Folly. I recommend everyone read it.