Sunday, February 20, 2011

Comic Relief

(Comic Relief)

So, Big Gay Al is driving down the road in his big Pink car, when he's pulled over by Michigan State Police for color violation. (No pink cars allowed on the highway on Sunday, part of a new agenda by the extremist religious zealots.).

As required by Michigan Compiled Laws, Big Gay Al informs the officer that he has a Michigan Concealed Pistol License, and he is packing. The Rest of the conversation goes like this:

MSP officer: Ok, what do you have, and where is it?

Big Gay Al: I have a .45ACP 1911 on my right side, in a hip holster, a Taurus PT92 9mm under my left arm, in a shoulder holster, a Makarov in the small of my back, and a Ruger .357 magnum in the glove box.

MSP officer: Is there anything in the trunk?

Big Gay Al: Oh yeah, the Yugoslavian SKS. Sorry, forgot about that.

MSP officer: Are you going to the range or something?

Big Gay Al: No, just to my sister's house, then the store.

MSP Officer: So, what are you afraid of?

Big Gay Al: (momentary pause) Not one damn thing.

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