Saturday, April 21, 2007

So much for tolerant Liberals

Coulter speech still on
By Dan Meisler

The Coulter show will, apparently, go on.

Cleary University President Tom Sullivan said Thursday in a written statement that the university board's executive committee decided to let the ap-pearance by conservative columnist Ann Coulter scheduled for October proceed....(If you want to read more, click on the "link" above.)

To which I say good for the Cleary University administration. And contrary to popular opinion, Miss Coulter's appearance there does NOT blacken the eye of Livingston County. It can only enhance their reputation for being fair minded. However, if she is "un-invited," it will only prove how bigoted some of the people there truly are.

Of course, this current furor over Ann Coulter only shows how truly UN-tolerant liberals really are. They're all for free speech, as long as it's from THEIR point of view.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with Ann Coulter's comments about "fags" and such. But I don't think her right to speak should be curtailed either. She'll either mend her ways, or she'll dig a hole she can't get out of. So I say, let her dig away!

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Communications guru said...

You are 100 percent correct that I am intolerant of intolerance, hate speech, prejudice and racism, and so is the U.S. Constitution. I not only make no apologies for that, but I am proud of it. If you think Coulter’s appearance does not “blacken the eye of Livingston County” then you know nothing about Livingston County.

Big Gay Al said...

Actually, the US Constitution is NOT intolerant. If you ever bothered to READ IT, you'd find out. But then why be bothered by a little thing like the truth.

Considering how Livingston county had the reputation of the "seat" of the KKK in Michigan, I don't see how Coulter's appearance can do anything more to the county's reputation.

Communications guru said...

I have read the Constitution, thank you, and yes the Constitution is intolerant of hate speech, prejudice and racism, just like I am. By the way, typing with the caps lock key on doesn’t help your “debate.”
Livingston County has an undeserved reputation as the “"seat" of the KKK in Michigan.” Welcoming one more racist bigot like Coulter with open arms simply reinforces that undeserved reputation. That is the damage Coulter’s appearance will cause.

Big Gay Al said...


On the other hand, if only a FEW words are all caps, it should be obvious, that's for added emphasis.

As for the Constitution, the only thing I see is that it is intolerant of restricting speech. I don't see anything in there anywhere that says ONLY certain speech shall be unrestricted. Did I miss an amendment or two?

Communications guru said...

In the Declaration of Independence, which many people consider part of the Constitution, it says, “All Men are created equal.”
Show me where I am restricting speech. Did I miss an amendment or two?
Also, it makes no difference where you use the cap locks key for one word or an entire sentence it has the same effect.

Big Gay Al said...

I presume you mean the same declaration that did not end slavery? The same declaration that, while it did at one time, have a section renouncing slavery, had it removed at the insistence of southern slaver owners?

Oh, ok.

And the same us constitution that did not abolish slavery until 1865? The same us constitution that, with the help of the great comprosmise, rated slaves as equal to 3/5ths of a white man?

Nice choice.

As for my usage of caps, it's generally accepted by most people. If you don't like it, you don't have to read or respond to any of my blog. The choice is yours.

Otherwise, have a nice day. :-)

Big Gay Al said...

I don't believe i said you were restricting free speech. However, those who encourage cleary u to cancel anne coulter's appearance, could be attempting to restrict her.

I say this, if you don't want to hear her speak, don't go. But i would guess there are people who might want to hear her speak. Even some who may not agree with her!

Communications guru said...

The answer to your first rant is yes. It was a lofty ideal that we have still not completely lived up to, but we are slowly getting there.

The caps lock is not that big an issue, but it’s a stupid habit.

Well, I am helping lead the charge to keep Ann Coulter from appearing here, so I am one of those. However, no one is restricting her ability to speak; I just don’t want her here.

Big Gay Al said...

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. As I've said previously, I am not happy about some of her comments. I get the feeling she's like some of the radio "shock jocks."

I think she needs to grow up a bit. But that's my opinion too.

Communications guru said...

I’m a little confused, Al. You talk about not censoring, but then you go ahead and censor yourself. Why did you take the post down where you went after me? Like I said in the reply, I have no problem with being attacked, and I’m quite used to it. In fact, I think my reply, stated my position pretty well.

Big Gay Al said...

I took it down because your post made me realize, it wasn't saying what I wanted to say. Or more specifically, it at least wasn't been read how I wanted it to.

Essentially, I have to set back and re-think the whole subject.

Unfortunately, this takes more time than I would like. I work nights, and the place I work doesn't allow access to the internet, even though I don't have a whole lot else to do. ;)

In any event, there should be something that I hope will better state my position on the subject, in a couple of days.